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Rikard Larsson

The Royal Palace of Stockholm : Beauty and Strength

The Royal Palace of Stockholm : Beauty and Strength

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Why does the Royal Palace of Stockholm look the way it does, why was it built and why on that particular site? With its large, block-like form, this magnificent yet curious architectural masterpiece is not easy to comprehend fully. To do so, one almost needs to take the whole structure apart, observe its details and play around with them in one's mind, before finally putting everything back together.

Either walk around the Palace and allow the architecture to speak for itself or admire it from a distance and experience its synergy with the city and surrounding water  while endeavouring to understand Nicodemus Tessin the Younger's life work and its history. 

"It is with great delight that I welcome the publication of this book entitled The Royal Palace of Stockholm Beauty and Strength" Andreas Heymowski, Former Chief Architect of Stockholm Royal Palace

"An introduction to Tessin's life work. In order to appreciate the Royal Palace fully, the uninitiated visitor must have a knowledgeable and engaging guide. Such a person now exists." Clio, The Historic Book Club

This book is the work of the stone conservator Rikard Larsson.

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