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Rikard Larsson

The portals of Stockolms Old Town

The portals of Stockolms Old Town

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Rediscover Stockholm's Old Town with the help of this beautifully illustrated book. Read about the rich cultural heritage of its ornate portals with their stories of local life and their history stretching from the late Middle Ages to modern times. Follow the various shifts in architectural style while learning about 17th century stonemasons, about portals as status symbols and about the motifs and significance of their ornamentation. Read how the richness of the baroque portal is succeeded by the simplicity of 18th century designs, how new technologies and cast iron emerge in the 19th century  and, finallt, how the eatly 20th century brings about a renaissance in terms of craftmanship and the use of natural stone. 

To everyone's great joy, the Old Town and its portals have survived into the modern era despite the threats of demolition and air pollution. With the help of the enclosed map and its markings, you can now plan your own exciting walks.

This book and its newly taken photographs are the work of the stone conservator Rikard Larsson.

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