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Caroline Karlström & Susanne Hamilton

My first book about Elsa Beskow

My first book about Elsa Beskow

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0–3 år

An art book for the youngest and oldest of readers. Let childish curiosity meet art 

This picture book series allows even a small child into seemingly impenetrable world of art. Asking open questions whilst your child looks at a work of art stimulates both language and creativity. Art is an amusing and creative way for children and adults to play and communicate.

This book depicts fifteen works of art by Elsa Beskow, the most important artist and writer in the Swedish children's literature.

This is a book which can be read many times with, on each occasion, a new story taking shape. We wish you many enjoyable conversations and pleasant moments together.

Sometimes, when its hard to describe a certain feeling, you can draw together with your child. And you that you will find out something exciting, at the same time as you are having fun. Art is a lively and entertaining way of learning to express and understand yourself and your environment better. 

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