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Isabelle Sjövall

Designfulness : how brain research is revolutionising the way we live and work

Designfulness : how brain research is revolutionising the way we live and work

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What can brain research teach us about design and architecture? How do we design homes, offices, schools, healthcare clinics and cities to be in harmony with our basic biological behaviours, emotions and needs? While the human brain has not changed significantly in tens of thousands of years, the environment most of us live in today stands in stark contrast to the savannah where our brains once evolved. In this book, Isabelle Sjövall summarises the latest research and provides inspiration for anyone wanting to create environments or homes that promote a healthier life in a sustainable manner. She also offers tips and advice on how to achieve Designfulness in the workplace, at home, in healthcare, at school and in the city.

Did you know that...

you become less stressed and more creative if you surround yourself with green plants?

children who grow up surrounded by bookshelves find it easier to solve cognitive tasks later on in life?

care times can be shortened by designing health centres and hospitals in the right way?

smells, background noise, sentimental value and pavement width affect our well-being and can actually extend our lives?  

Isabelle Sjövall is one of the world s leading experts on how the brain reacts to built environments and how these affect us psychologically and physiologically. She is co-author of the much-discussed book Neurodesign. Isabelle sits on several company boards and works with design and architecture and in the property industry, where her main purpose is to improve health and promote sustainability and quality of life.

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