Men’s Fashion – An Untold Story


Fashion has been discussed, questioned, criticised and admired for centuries, often without the historical knowledge of how or why it takes the form it does. This applies above all to menswear, since fashion has often been associated primarily with women’s fashion. In historical terms, fashion from the 18th century onwards has, both from a cultural and social perspective, been more closely connected to femininity than masculinity.

With the anthology Men’s Fashion – An Untold Story, we aim to create a broader understanding of men’s fashion and its history – after all, men represent half of the world’s population! The time has come for the background to men’s clothing to be as well-known and discussed as women’s.

This book presents a journey through the history of men’s fashion from the 16th century to the present day. Among the authors are some of the most famous researchers and fashion historians in the Western world. In a personal and easily accessible style, these writers explain how and why men’s clothes look the way they do today, how the story behind men’s need to exert their power and masculinity has changed over the centuries and how masculinity is today expressed in an entirely different manner than before.

Since a knowledge of fashion is most easily conveyed not only as text but through visual experiences, the book’s often surprising content is also richly illustrated.

Editor-in-Chief: Ingrid Giertz-Mårtenson

Creative Advisor: Tom Hedqvist

Art Director: Johan Svensson

Cover illustration: Mats Gustafson

Contributors: Christopher Breward, Elizabeth Wilson, Claire Wilcox, Peter McNeil, Patricia Mears, Bradley Quinn, Lena Rangström, Carolina Brown-Ahlund, Johan Cederlund, Mikael Mogren, Göran Söderström, Daniel Björk, Johan Hakelius, Alexander Husebye, Susanne Ljung, Daniel Lindström and Jonas Olsson

Men’s Fashion – An Untold Story will be published by Bokförlaget Langenskiöld in the autumn of 2022.

Ingrid Giertz-Mårtenson är huvudredaktör för antologin Manligt mode – En okänd historia och har en lång karriär inom både den svenska och internationella modevärlden. Hon initierade etableringen av mode som vetenskaplig disciplin vid Stockholms universitet 2006 – ett led i hennes strävan att lyfta fram modets status som kulturuttryck. Ingrid Giertz-Mårtenson is the editor-in-chief for the anthology Men's Fashion – An Untold Story, with many years of experience in both Swedish and international fashion. Her long-standing work on increasing the status of fashion as a form of cultural expression has, for instance, led to the introduction of a Fashion Studies programme at Stockholm University.
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